Collection: Coaching - BA core skills

Do you want to shine in a business analyst role? Do you want to enhance your skills, take on additional responsibilities, get a promotion, make a career move?

If you are reading this, you already know that it requires a lot of work and determination.

A good coach can help you make the most of this determination – by directing you, pointing out areas of improvement, and teaching you specific skills. Let me be your coach!

Business analysis is one of my passions - I wrote the book “Business Analyst: a profession and a mindset”, and work extensively with the business analysis community. I publish articles, conduct webinars, create online courses, and lead online discussions on LinkedIn. I also have hired, mentored and coached many analysts and know what makes you stand out from the crowd.

I will role play with you, give you homework and feedback on your analytical and soft skills, provide coaching handouts and additional resources. We will create diagrams, write and review sets of requirements, analyze problems, and work on improving your resume.

Our coaching sessions will be conducted on Zoom.

Let me help you feel confident in your abilities and succeed in your next career move.