Collection: Coaching - BA career

Are you anxious about your upcoming interview for a business, systems or data analyst role? Are you looking for a job and want to be prepared?

A general interview preparation is not enough for a BA. You must be able to demonstrate your proficiency in business analysis competencies, and you must be ready for a practical BA test.
Let me help you be prepared and confident!

I have interviewed, hired and coached many analysts, and conducted a variety of BA candidate selection tests.

 Business analysis is one of my passions - I wrote the book “Business Analyst: a profession and a mindset”, and work extensively with the business analysis community. I publish articles, conduct webinars, create online courses and lead online discussions on LinkedIn.
I am a very thorough interviewer – I will analyze your resume, listen, probe for communication and analytical skills, and assess your professional knowledge. I will give you feedback on your resume and suggest improvements. I can help identify your weak spots and recommend how you can improve your skills and knowledge.

When you are prepared for a job interview, it shows!